Friday, July 23, 2010

HTML Tests and Solutions


You do not want to resize the frame. The code should be:

a. <frame src = "MyPage.html" name="HomePage" scrolling=Yes resize = "false">
b. <frame src = "MyPage.html" name="HomePage" scrolling=Yes resize = "true">
c. <frame src = "MyPage.html" name="HomePage" scrolling=Yes noresize = "true">
d.<frame src = "MyPage.html" name="HomePage" scrolling=Yes noresize = "noresize ">


Which of the following is not an atribute of meta tag?

a. name
b. content
c. type
d. http-equiv


You Placed four radio buttons on a web form. you want the user to sepcify whether they are
male or female and whether they are married or single. The code is as follow:

Male: <input type = "radio" checkd name= "check" value = "male">

Female: <input type = "radio" checkd name= "check" value = "female">

Maried: <input type = "radio" checkd name= "check" value = "maried">

Single: <input type = "radio" checkd name= "check" value = "single">

a. It will allow to choose only the male and married options.
b. It will allow to choose only the female and single options.
c. It will allow to choose only option out of four.
d. It will allow to choose all the four options at the same time.


What do you infer from the following code?

<a href =""> Expert Rating </a>

a. This href is using for absolute path for linking
b. This href is using for relative path for linking


Which of the folowing is incorrect about the relation of HTML and XHTML?

a. XHTML is strict and cleaner version of HTML.
b. XHTML is almost identical version of HTML 4.0
c. XHTML and HTML both are used to generate dynamic contents.
d. HTML brings togther the elements of HTML and the syntax of XML.


Which of the following would insist in creating named groups within a selected list?

a. opt
b. group
c. option group
d. select group


Which of the following is/are not correct for an action attribute for a form tag?

a. The action atribute can be defind at run time.
b. If the value for action is null , then form submit user data to itself.
c. If the URL is not provided to action atribute, the will not submit data anywhere.
d. Non of the above.


Which of the following statements is/are in correct for a blackquote?

a. It makes the text bigger for emphasizing.
b. It defines the start of a long quote.
c. It makes the text slightly bolder.


Which of the following is a valid value for the type atribute of the input tag?

a. text
b. icon
c. reset
d. password


For the following items of a list:

<option value = "89"> Items 1 </option >

<option value = "90"> Items 2 </option >

which of the following value would be passed on by clicking on submit button on selecting Items 2 form the list.?

a. 89
b. 90
c. Item 1
d. Item 2

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