Friday, August 12, 2011

Adobe Photoshop CS3 Question answers

Adobe Photoshop CS3

Ø Which of the Saving commands is available for an image that is managed by a Version Cue Workspace?

Check In

Ø Which option will you choose to select all layers of a similar type?

All of the above

Ø Which of the following Filters cannot be applied to a Smart Object?

Pattern Maker

Ø With which of the given options does the Signal Strength Meter appear?

It appears when you choose 'merge to hdr command'

Ø Channels can not be added to which of the following image modes?


Ø Which among the following Modes does not support layers?

All of the above

Ø Which of the following is not true about Filters?

None of the above

Ø Which of the following is not true about the Curves dialog box?

The Curves dialog box lets you adjust up to 14 different points throughout an image's tonal range

Ø Which of the following Slices is created with the Slice Tool?

User slices

Ø Which of the following features is supported by the EPS file format?

It supports the Grayscale and Bitmap color modes

Ø Which among the following blending modes is available only for the Apply Image and Calculations commands?

Both a and b

Ø What is the use of the Make Work Path command in the Paths palette ?

It can alter the shape of a selection

Ø Which type of information is not displayed by the Info Palette?

It does not display the opacity of the current layer

Ø Which among the following is not a right option for selecting a web-safe color from the Color Palette?

Choose Current Color from the Color Palette Menu

Ø Anti-aliasing option is available for which of the given Tools?

All of the above

Ø Which of the following options displays the Spot Channels in the Channels palette?


Ø What happens when Use Legacy is selected as shown in the given picture?

It is used to apply proportionate (nonlinear) adjustments to image pixels

Ø Which option will you select to open the Levels dialog box?

Choose Image > Adjustments > Levels

Ø Which type of images are resolution-dependent?

Vector images

Ø Which Liquify Tool is used to reconstruct a part of a distorted image?


Ø In which Format will you save your file to preserve the Alpha channels?

All of the above

Ø Which of the following is not a kind of text type?

Line type

Ø Which option will you select to convert Types to Shapes?

Both b and c

Ø The mask created by the Replace Color command is permanent.


Ø Which of the following Layer properties can be animated?

All of the above

Ø Which View will you choose to display a Histogram with no controls or statistics?

All of the above

Ø Which of the given options displays left indent in the Paragraph palette?


Ø Which keyboard shortcut (windows) will you choose to group Layers?

Control + G

Ø Which among the following QuickTime Video formats is supported by Photoshop extended?


Ø The Rotate Canvas command does not work on which of the following

All of the above

Ø When will the Dynamic shortcuts appear in the Character Palette Menu as shown in the picture?

All of the above

Ø Hanging Punctuation controls the alignment of the punctuation marks for a specific paragraph.


Ø Which of the following is not a Color Adjustment command?

Adjustment command

Ø By default, Masks applied to Smart objects are linked to Smart object layers. .


Ø Changing units on the Info Palette automatically changes the units on Rulers.


Ø A working space is an intermediate color space used to define and edit color in Adobe applications.


Ø Which option will you select to remove the existing profile from the document in the given image?


Ø You cannot change the order of the Vector masks or working paths in the Paths palette.


Ø The Color Replacement Tool does not work in which of the following Image modes?

All of the above

Ø In which of the following Modes can you draw while working with the Shape or Pen tools?

All of the above

Ø The Out Of Gamut option works only on RGB and Lab images


Ø Which keyboard shortcut (windows) will you choose to close a Path?

None of the above

Sunday, April 3, 2011

SEO Interview Questions

Interview Questions listed below are most commonly asked questions when you be there for SEO profession Interview; it is significant to ponder on how an response is given somewhat than the authentic answer. They often panic interviewees, practice well by reading SEO articles, to get a good opportunity in SEO turf and shine in this industry. Read Interview Tips Given by SEO Experts.
·         Explain your seo Experience?    
·         Is sitemap useful for Seo?
·         Do you know HTML Coading?
·         Did you work on PPC?
·         Can you write HTML code by hand?
·         Explain your see Experience?
·         What Seo tools do you regularly use?
·         Explain importance of meta tags in seo?
·         Have you attended any seo conferences?
·         What is the difference between SEO and SEM?
·         Give me a description of your general SEO experience.
·         What role do social media play in an SEO strategy?
·         Explain what META tags matter in today's SEO world?
·         What kind of SEO strategies do you normally implement for back links?
·         What do you think is different about working for an SEO agency vs. doing SEO in-house?
·         To what extent do you think seo is effective?
·         As a seo consultant do you consider yourself as creative?
·         Have you ever prepared proposal for seo clients? If yes can you give me one proposal now?
·         What are the problems you face in seo industry?
·         How do you evaluate whether a seo campaign is working?
·         In what area of seo are you strong? And what area of seo you are weak?
·         What seo blogs and Forums do you read?
·         Do you have experience in social media optimization?
·         How far do you think social media optimization help a website to achieve top position in search engines?
·         As a seo consultant what do you prefer Google / yahoo/ bang ?.
·         Do you have Knowledge of Static as well as Dynamic Website Optimization?
·         Do you have experience in copy Writing and can you provide some writing Sample?
·         What is the role of social bookmarking sites in Seo?
·         What do you mean by social networking Traffic? How do they help for website seo?
·         Have you done any Video Submissions and Video Promotions.?
·         Explain what page rank is and explain page rank algorithm?
·         Explain me the steps you follow for optimizing a website?
·         For what clients you have done seo? Are you successful in doing seo for them?
·         What is link building? Link buying?
·         What kind of activities do you normally implement for generating back links for a website?
·         Why do we use no follow on an internal link?
·         What do you mean by competitive analysis and what techniques do you use?
·         How many target keywords should a website have? Or how many target keywords do you suggest for a website?
·         How do you help your client to decide budget allocation for seo and pay-per-click?
·         Do you have your own blogs? Do you do any seo freelance works?
·         How do you handle your client if he does not want to implement your seo recommendations?
·         Could you briefly explain the Page Rank algorithm?  And what do you think of Page Rank?
·         What do you think of using XML sitemaps?
·         Do you have experience in copywriting and can you provide some writing samples?
·         Explain various steps that you would take to optimize a website?
·         Have you ever had something you've written reach the front-page of Digg?  Or Stumbled?
·         Why might you want to use no follow on an internal link?
·         What do you think about link buying?
·         What areas do you think are currently the most important in organically ranking a Web Site?
·         Who are the two key people - who started Google?
·         What is the difference between Page Rank and Toolbar Page Rank?

Friday, March 25, 2011

Odesk Payment Methods

There are several methods to receive Your payment  from Odesk.
I have ordered this list according to what I deem to be more cost-effective for any Providers.
The information presented here are sourced from the oDesk Help Center. For a complete discussion on the different payment methods that are available to you head on to theoDesk Help Center and every single option is discussed there.
Payment Method
What is this method
PaypalProviders in most countries can register with PayPal – however, most countries Are not supported for withdrawals from PayPal to your bank account. Before activating PayPal withdrawals to your email address, please check that your country is supported. Even amongst supported countries, features and feesvary widely. In addition, PayPal may limit your account until you pass their verification procedures (which vary by country – a bank account or credit card is usually required).$1 per withdrawal.Supported withdrawal methods and fees vary widely by country.
Apply NOW for a PayPal account.
oDesk Debit MasterCardThe oDesk Debit MasterCard is a fully-functioning, reloadable debit card powered by Payoneer. We issue you a card with your name on it, and mail it to you. After you transfer your earnings from oDesk to your card, you can withdraw funds at any ATM with a MasterCard symbol, anywhere in the world, as well as make retail purchases anywhere MasterCard is accepted, including online.$2 per transaction
MoneybookersMoneybookers is an international e-wallet system based in the UK. When you receive a payment via Moneybookers, your Moneybookers account is instantly credited with the payment amount. You can then withdraw your money out of Moneybookers directly into your bank account, onto a credit card, or in some countries, paper cheque.$1 per withdrawal.
Exchange rates and bank fees vary widely by country and bank.
Wire TransferWire transfers are a well-established way 
to transfer funds from bank-to-bank across international borders. Most international wire transfers today use the SWIFT system.Wire transfers are fast and reliable, but for international transactionscan be very expensive, and you are the mercy of your bank (and if it uses one, its intermediary bank or banks) to determine the exchange rate you will 
receive. They are also quite complicated and it is imperative that you enter your bank information 100% accurately.
$30 per payment. Incoming fees vary by country and bank.
Direct Deposit/ACHACH stands for Automated Clearing House, a network for electronic financial transactions that allows for transfers to any US bank account (you can read more about ACH on Wikipedia). Many banks refer to incoming ACH transfers as “Direct Deposit”.Free payments.For US bank accounts only.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

odesk ms excel test answers

Q:You have created a worksheet which consists of confidential data. You want that these values, although present in the worksheet, should remain hidden and as a result the cells containing this data should appear blank in the worksheet. Which method will help you do this? 

Ans: Select the cells, open the Window menu and click on Hide

Q:Which of the following options would be used if you need to insert a 77889867810070809 number in a cell? 

Ans: Apply the Text Format to empty cells, and then type the numbers

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Social Media Marketing Questions Answered

1. How do social media marketing tools work?
Many social media marketing tools — blogs, social networks or media sharing sites, for example — have similar functionality, such as providing for conversations between users, interaction within communities, collaboration and sharing. Many of these tools and allow users to set up a profile to establish their identity and interests, and to connect with others — friends, fans, followers, subscribers, contacts — and to interact with those connections.
Every site and tool might have its own proprietary terminology and some unique features, but in general, there are similarities between most blogging platforms and some recognizable features that all social networks share.