Friday, March 25, 2011

Odesk Payment Methods

There are several methods to receive Your payment  from Odesk.
I have ordered this list according to what I deem to be more cost-effective for any Providers.
The information presented here are sourced from the oDesk Help Center. For a complete discussion on the different payment methods that are available to you head on to theoDesk Help Center and every single option is discussed there.
Payment Method
What is this method
PaypalProviders in most countries can register with PayPal – however, most countries Are not supported for withdrawals from PayPal to your bank account. Before activating PayPal withdrawals to your email address, please check that your country is supported. Even amongst supported countries, features and feesvary widely. In addition, PayPal may limit your account until you pass their verification procedures (which vary by country – a bank account or credit card is usually required).$1 per withdrawal.Supported withdrawal methods and fees vary widely by country.
Apply NOW for a PayPal account.
oDesk Debit MasterCardThe oDesk Debit MasterCard is a fully-functioning, reloadable debit card powered by Payoneer. We issue you a card with your name on it, and mail it to you. After you transfer your earnings from oDesk to your card, you can withdraw funds at any ATM with a MasterCard symbol, anywhere in the world, as well as make retail purchases anywhere MasterCard is accepted, including online.$2 per transaction
MoneybookersMoneybookers is an international e-wallet system based in the UK. When you receive a payment via Moneybookers, your Moneybookers account is instantly credited with the payment amount. You can then withdraw your money out of Moneybookers directly into your bank account, onto a credit card, or in some countries, paper cheque.$1 per withdrawal.
Exchange rates and bank fees vary widely by country and bank.
Wire TransferWire transfers are a well-established way 
to transfer funds from bank-to-bank across international borders. Most international wire transfers today use the SWIFT system.Wire transfers are fast and reliable, but for international transactionscan be very expensive, and you are the mercy of your bank (and if it uses one, its intermediary bank or banks) to determine the exchange rate you will 
receive. They are also quite complicated and it is imperative that you enter your bank information 100% accurately.
$30 per payment. Incoming fees vary by country and bank.
Direct Deposit/ACHACH stands for Automated Clearing House, a network for electronic financial transactions that allows for transfers to any US bank account (you can read more about ACH on Wikipedia). Many banks refer to incoming ACH transfers as “Direct Deposit”.Free payments.For US bank accounts only.

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