Sunday, September 19, 2010

How to start on odesk

To Starting your freelancing job is somewhat challenging. There are a number of things that you should consider in clinching  your desired freelance job.  I personally love freelancing jobs as I don’t have to go to an office sitting for hours and getting some badly  commands from my Boss. I am free and I do what I love to do. I do my jobs sitting on my relaxing armchair whenever I love. However, truth be told that, it’s not easy to get a freelance job unless you know the exact and appropriate strategies. There are millions of people around the world who seek freelance jobs every day. But do all of them get their desired job? However, no big deal, I am going to tell you how to get a freelance job by the means of odesk.

1. Getting An Overall Idea:

People around the world are getting smarter day by day by the means of technological advancement. However, before starting your freelance career, I personally believe that you have to have a crystal and clear idea about a freelance site. However, visit the website and get an overall idea. Go to you tube and see the animated video. Here are the links:
You Tube:

2. Sign Up:

I hope you have got a clear idea about odesk. However, now it’s time to sign up. Go to the website and sign up by filling some pieces of information. Sadly, most of the new freelancers don’t seem interested in uploading a photograph. But, I personally think, a photograph is an important thing for your freelance career. Visibility is very important to a buyer. Make sure that you fill everything with valid and correct information.
3. Complete Your Profile:
It’s very disappointing that, most of the new providers don’t complete their profile on odesk. However, in order to get your first freelance job, you have to complete your profile with legitimate information. Make sure that you fill all categories correctly including portfolio projects, employment history, education, certifications etc. Your profile will look good and you will have better chance of getting your first freelance jobs upon completing your profile.
Ø Be careful in choosing/writing your objectives. Your objective should focus on your skills.
Ø Be careful in choosing your hourly rate. It’s recommended that in the primary stage it shouldn’t be more than $ 12/ hour. You may increase/ decrease the rate later.

4. Take Some Tests:

Taking some tests make your profile attractive that simply helps you get your first freelance job. However, on odesk you will find hundreds of tests. For instance if you are a PHP developer, you may take php tests, if you are article writer; you should take some writing skill test. However, I recommend that every new provider who is looking for a freelance job should take Basic English language proficiency tests. Such as, US English basic skills test, UK English test etc. In order to get a freelance job, it’s important that you have minimum English language proficiency.

5. Make a Good Cover Letter:

Well, it’s time to make a good cover letter. A cover letter is one of the key elements of getting your first freelance job. However, so what is a cover letter? A cover letter is kind of letter that primarily includes your skills, qualifications, work experience etc. This is the first thing that your buyer will notice prior to hiring you. For each and every job, you have to apply with a cover letter. However, I added some cover letter in my blog. See here “Free Ebooks Section.”
Finally, I can say that it may take a few days for you to get your first freelance job by the means of odesk. However, you would be surprised that, it took me almost a month to get a job. The situation was like that I lost the hope of getting a job. Nevertheless, the reason was that, my profile wasn’t complete and my job cover letter wasn’t appealing. So, be patient and consistent. Your desired job is waiting for you.

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