Sunday, January 30, 2011

Quick way to get Google adsence account

Many publishers have a hard time getting approved into the Google AdSense program. In fact, Google recently posted a blog entry named Before you apply to AdSense. In that blog post, Google explains the ways to apply and some of the criteria that must be met to get approval into the program.

If that blog post doesn't help you get into the Google AdSense program then maybe a DigitalPoint Forums thread would.
In that thread, one member claimed that if you register at HubPages and then click on "account settings" and then "affiliates." You can sign up for Google AdSense within HubPages. HubPages says:
When you create a user account with HubPages, weâll automatically create the Google Adsense program for you. Just answer a few simple questions and youâll be ready to go.
This implies that creating a HubPage account will guarantee acceptance into Google AdSense.
Some of the forums members are giving this theory a try. It would make sense that the same applies to Google's Blogger accounts or Google Pages.
Forum discussion at DigitalPoint Forums.

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